Residents try fasting to get road fixed

April 09, 2018
In this 2017 file photo, Trinityville residents protest bad roads.

Some residents of Trinityville, St Thomas, who say they have gotten weary from protesting for better roads, have turned to divine intervention to ensure that their pleas don't continue to fall on deaf ears.

"Wi just a come off a one week of fasting from last week Monday to Monday gone," one resident told THE STAR. "We demonstrate suh now wi a guh pon fasting and still can't get nuh road. Yes, wi affi guh pon fasting just fi get likkle attention."

Another member of the community, Jerene Graham, told THE STAR that they gathered together at different churches between Trinityville and Morant Bay.

She said they have to resort to prayer and fasting as lobbying to various authories has failed.

"This (road) never fix yet. This past deplorable. Wi do road block inna di community, dat nuh do nutten; wi guh Morant Bay, that worst nuh do nutten," she said.

Graham, who has been living in the area for more than 20 years, says the marl that has been left on the road has caused health problems.

"Chu di sand and di dust, mi asthma constantly a rage. When a car pass, yu see di amount a dust weh raise, through the road nuh damp, di dust just rise," she said. "Yu dress nice, neat come out here and before yu coulda get two taxi, yu dust up."


Toll on passengers


A journey that would take a mere 15 minutes from Trinityville to Morant Bay can last up to an hour, which Graham says take toll on passengers.

"Yu see all dem young children weh a go a school, dem bear it. Sometimes dem come and bawl fi tired and some people affi walk far cause a nuh everyweh taxi guh. Di taximan dem say dem nah pass certain spot," she explained.

Now she is desperately pleading with the authorities to fix the roads in and around the community.

"Yu see road deh suh, dem full one tyre wid dirt and dem put a yellow sign weh say curve. A vehicle guh ova deh, and wi think it woulda fix like how di man dead, and dem worse nuh pay it nuh mind," Graham said.

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