Attendant curses cop over parking space

April 10, 2018

The St James Parish Court recently admonished and discharged a man who had been arrested after using indecent language towards a policeman and resisting arrest, following a quarrel over an improperly used parking space.

The accused man, parking attendant Brian Allen, pleaded guilty with explanation to using indecent language and guilty to resisting arrest.

Although the date of the alleged offences was not given, Allen told presiding parish judge Sandria Wong-Small that the incident took place in the parking lot of a plaza where he was employed.

The defendant also told the court that the police officer reportedly parked in a restricted space where a barrier cone had been placed, which led to a confrontation between the two.

"He (the officer) said that the orange cone does not mean anything. The police said that if my boss wants to keep the area as private property, he must reserve it," said Allen.

"When you refused to go with the person, did you know that he was a police officer?" Wong-Small asked.

"No, Your Honour," Allen replied.

Subsequent attempts were made to call the arresting officer inside the courtroom. However, the officer did not appear.

"You are admonished and discharged on both of these matters, sir. You may go," Wong-Small told Allen, allowing him to leave the courtroom.

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