Police probe alleged murder-suicide in Linstead

April 10, 2018
Bodies being removed from a crime scene.

Investigators attached to the St Catherine North Police Division are probing an alleged murder-suicide which occurred in Linstead last Friday.

The incident surrounds a man, Kirk 'Coolie' Roxborough, of a Shenton district address, and 56-year-old Olive Golding of a West Prospect address in the parish.

Information reaching THE STAR is that at about 10 a.m. last Friday, Golding's body was found with multiple chop wounds.

Our news team gathered that she was wrapped in a sheet and her neck was partially severed.

Residents somehow linked the discovery to Roxborough, who borrowed a machete from a neighbour earlier and did not return it.

"Him borrow the machete and say him a go chop coconut, and dem nuh see him bring back the machete. So, we a say, 'no sah, something wrong'," a resident said.

When they could not find Roxborough, residents went in search of him and found his body hanging from a tree, with a cable around his neck, in an apparent suspected suicide.

The police's Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) confirmed reports and told THE STAR that investigations are ongoing.

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