Husband leaves wife after brain surgery

April 11, 2018

A St Catherine woman believes that her sister-in-law is to be blamed for her husband of 15 years walking out on her.

The woman, Jane Brown*, said her sister-in-law never approved of their relationship. She surmised that her husband was influenced to leave the matrimonial house, while he was on his hospital bed recovering from brain surgery.

"Him guh a hospital because he had a brain tumour. Him always a tell the nurses seh him want me do everything for him, but things change when him family come visit," she said.

"After him leave the hospital, him pack up him things and leave. Him always a do extra-marital things so when he left, he went to live with him second babymother," she said.

Brown said she begged him to return but he refused.

"He does not even take care of his children anymore. My children have to be getting counselling because of this separation," she said.




"We have two children together and him don't come and look for them nor pay them no mind. However, me nah guh linger on it because I know what God has in store for me, and right now I am really happy," she said.

Jane, 35, got married at 19. She is convinced her sister-in-law has something to do with her marriage failing.

"She always want to tell me what to do in my marriage and I didn't want that. He was my husband and I know how to run my matrimonial home. So because of that, and the fact that my husband took her off the insurance and put me on when we married, she vex with me," Jane said.

Asked if she is still in love with her estranged husband, Brown said that her heart has been severely wounded due to the number of times she has been hurt.

"I am really not sure," she said, adding that she has sought solace in the church.

Even as she tries to muster the strength to go on, Brown's advice to women in a similar situation is that they should not give up on living.

"I just want some women who have cheating husbands to know that there are times when God allows someone to exit your life so that He can use you the way He wants to," she said.

* Name changed to protect identity.

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