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April 11, 2018
John Lee
Constantine Bogle
Earl Blake
Tanya-Lee Williams
A juice vendor sporting a Guy Fawkes mask sells to passing masqueraders in the Xodus Carnival Road March held in Kingston on Sunday.

Church says it was not supporting carnival 

Barry Hall, senior pastor of the Ekklesia Bible Fellowship, said his church members being along the Carnival Road March route on Sunday does not mean they were there in support of Carnival.

"Whilst we are not in support of the carnival, we are not condemning the participants but sharing the love of our Saviour towards all (John 3:16 -17). This is demonstrated by the tracts and on the label of the water we distributed," Hall said in a letter to this newspaper yesterday.

The pastor was responding to an article that appeared in The Star on Monday, entitled, "Church group wants to join Xodus",.

Single lane traffic along Greenvale to Spur Tree corridor

A section of the Greenvale to Spur Tree main road in Manchester will be reduced to single lane traffic in the vicinity of the Total Gas Station. The lane restriction is to facilitate rehabilitative road works on a section of the corridor.

The National Works Agency (NWA) said that the work, which is to be undertaken over a six-week period, will impact the eastbound and westbound lanes intermittently.

The improvements in the road surface, along what is a busy corridor, will allow for the freer movement of traffic and ease of access to major communities such as Junction, Alligator Pond, Santa Cruz, Goshen, Mandeville, Porus, and Savanna-la-Mar.

Limited services at Cornwall Regional Hospital

One year after he rejected the advice of his technocrats to evacuate the Cornwall Regional Hospital, Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton has now relocated approximately 90 per cent of the services provided at the hospital.

Tufton, who resisted calls from Dr Dayton Campbell, the opposition spokesman on health, to resign, said the services have been temporarily relocated to other institutions to facilitate renovations to rectify poor air quality affecting patients and staff at the facility.

"The real challenge was that there were some services that just could not be relocated at short notice. We had to do some renovation in some instances to be able to utilise other spaces to carry out our functions," he said.

Last year, a technical team from the Health Ministry recommended that patients be relocated in 10 days.

However, the health minister rejected the recommendation.

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