Save my son from gangs - 14-year-old on suspension since October

April 12, 2018
In this 2013 photo, a policeman from the bicycle patrol team searches a group of schoolboys who were seen loitering in the St William Grant Park in downtown Kingston.

Alleging that her 14-year-old son was suspended from school because of inappropriate hairstyle, a mother is today calling on the education minister to assist in getting her boy back in the Corporate Area-based institution.

The woman, Verona, said her son, who has been on suspension since last October, is in danger of falling prey to antisocial activities. She said he was sent home for wearing a Mohawk hairstyle.

"Him tek up him book and read through them sometimes, but him deh pon the road most of the time and nah do nothing. Him even tell me seh more time him see people a come in from school, him feel a way because him nuh deh school. A dem thing yah mek boys turn to crime, and me nuh want him do that," she said.


Not a model student


Verona told The STAR that she has made numerous trips to her son's school to get him readmitted but without success.

She said that shortly after her son's suspension, she met with the school board and was advised that he was not a model student.

"When the board call, me see dem wid a whole heap a paper wey the dean of discipline bring. Dem seh him inna gang and him always a loiter," she said.

"Me tell dem seh that is a lie because him tell me seh teacha put him out of class because him don't have any text book."

Verona said the board promised to provide her with a letter outlining when her son will be admitted back in the school. The mother said she is yet to receive the document.

"Me nuh upset about the suspension, enuh, because rules a rules but me nuh like how dem a deal wid me son. Him deh home from last year and all now him cya go back a school, and me cya get no conclusion on the matter," she said.

School officials refused to comment on the matter yesterday, referring The STAR to the principal. Attempts to contact him proved futile at press time yesterday.

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