Fire scare causes shops to be evacuated

April 13, 2018
Firemen were quick on the scene following a fire scare in downtown Kingston yesterday.
Several shops in downtown Kingston had to be evacuated yesterday following a fire scare.


A section of East Queen Street in downtown Kingston had to be cordoned off and several business places evacuated following an electrical scare.

"Mi deh inna di store and mi smell di smoke, and mi a sey: 'Weh di smoke a come from', and likkle afta dem call di fire truck," said Monica, who works in one of the stores that were evacuated.

While several firefighters tried to find where the electrical problem was, a handful of onlookers gathered, anxiously waiting to see what was happening.

But some motorists and pedestrians were determined that they had to travel along the roadway that was blocked off instead of diverting. Some persons also insisted on going into a nearby Mother's restaurant to make a purchase, despite the strong police presence.




"Mi nah guh too close cause mi fraid something explode pon mi. Unuh move from deh so before sup'm happen to unuh," one woman in the crowd beckoned to a number of persons who were trying to get a glimpse of the operations being undertaken by the firefighters.

Meanwhile, a firefighter on the scene told THE WEEKEND STAR that they were waiting on workers from the Jamaica Public Service to disconnect the electricity from the utility pole.

"Di wire lick di transformer and that cause the fire to gash and affect the electrical system that supplies power to a number of business places, so we are here searching for damages," he explained.

Not long after, a van with representatives from the utility company arrived, and they climbed the pole to disconnect the wires.

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