Teen hit with stone for kicking dog

April 14, 2018


They say a dog is a man's best friend, but in this case, it was a woman who came to the defence of her dog after it was allegedly kicked by a male student.

Althea Bell's defence of the dog, however, landed her in court after she used a stone to hit the student. She has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

"Your honour, him kick my dog and then him come up inna mi face and say him ago stab me. So when him move off mi fling the stone and it lick him," Bell told the court yesterday.




The medical report outlining the teen's injury was presented to Bell in court. The teen reportedly received injuries to his lower back and a cut on his leg.

Parish judge Broderick Smith requested Bell's police record and a social enquiry report.

A fingerprint order was also made. Bell is to return to court on June 14.

Meanwhile, the court was told that the complainant has a case to answer in another court after Bell pressed charges in the matter. The court heard that she was allegedly injured by the child.

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