Dogs and donkeys safe - J'can says Chinese not consuming animals

April 17, 2018

Deloy D'Augilar, a Jamaican who has facilitated the settlement of Chinese merchants, is refuting claims that the presence of the Asians has created an unsatisfied demand for dog and donkey meats.

"Some Chinese are against dog meat and some eat it, but not in Jamaica," said the 66-year-old businessman, popularly known as Mr D.

"In fact, it is a specially bred dog and a very expensive delicacy that is eaten at a particular time of the year, mostly by the very rich."

D'Augilar says for the most part, the Chinese nationals trading in Jamaica are very meticulous in preparing their meals and will normally identify a butcher in each major township or village to prepare their meat.

"They prepare their food very well; they eat a lot of proteins," Mr D said. "Like Jamaicans, they eat a lot of fish, chicken, pork and beef, but what they cannot get enough of in Jamaica is common fowl."

"The unusual things they consume here in Jamaica are sweet potato or pumpkin shoot, but they don't like cabbage," he added. "They don't like our regular rice; they eat mountain rice, which is grown in Taiwan, and white carrot."

For D'Augilar, the 2015 YouTube video of three Chinese nationals stunning and cutting the throat of a donkey, reportedly for consumption, is unusual. The Ministry of Health, in 2016, said that it was prepared to launch an investigation into whether Chinese restaurants are serving dog meat.

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