Vox Pop: What impact do you think naming a street in honour of late supercentenarian Violet Moss Brown will have on Duanvale?

April 17, 2018
Renford Weir
Velma Marrett
Nadeen Reid
Donna Weir

Renford Weir, farmer: "It is a good move because she was a beloved lady who born and grow up here in Duanvale. So, naming a street after her will be a great honour for the community. It's just a pity that she didn't get her wish to be buried beside her husband here."

Velma Marrett, housekeeper: "It is a good idea, and it will help to uplift the area so that we will always be remembered because we will always remember the name behind that street."

Nadeen Reid, shopkeeper/ farmer: "The fact that she was the oldest in the world speaks volume and will be an asset to Duanvale. People would want to come and see the street and the community."

Donna Weir, shopkeeper: "I think it will impact Duanvale in a positive way, seeing that she was the oldest person living at one point in the world. So, it is a good move by the Government to honour her."

Elaine McGrouder, Aunt V's caregiver/advocate for the elderly: "It's good for Aunt V and Duanvale. This act will be a guide to our future and bridge the generation gap and remind us of our past."

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