Cops warn public to cooperate at checkpoints

April 19, 2018
File Police search passengers at a checkpoint in the St Catherine North police division earlier this year.

The joint security team, which is operating in the state of public emergency in the St Catherine North Police Division is imploring members of the public to cooperate with the soldiers and police personnel at the various checkpoints.

Acting Head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force's (JCF) Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), Assistant Superintendent of Police Dahlia Garrick, outlined the procedures for civilians.

"When you are approaching the checkpoint, check your speed, roll down your windows, turn on your roof light (at nights), and be compliant when asked questions," she said.

She said the police and the soldiers would do a quick scan to assess the situation, and "If you are required for a further search, more than just an observation, you are being urged to comply with the instructions given".

Garrick further instructed that persons should have a valid form of identification because that will also help to speed up the process.

Since the imposition of the state of public emergency on March 18, 1,515 persons have been processed. Of that number, 67 were arrested; 19 remain in custody, and 48 have been released on bail.

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