No burial nearly a year after death - Man's body still at parlour

April 19, 2018

Nearly a year after he passed away, the family of Norvel Linton has not been able to bury him.

Linton died last July, however, the family members are unable to come up with the $200,000 required by the funeral home to give him a proper burial.

Linton, who lived in Cuffie Ridge, St Ann, moved to Goshen in St Elizabeth some 40 years ago. He was known to be a very quiet person who would push carts and sweep streets in the community to make some money.

Linton was said to be sick shortly before his death. One member of the Cuffie Ridge community said she was not certain what sickness led to his death, but community members from Goshen found his body after they saw vultures on his house top and went to investigate.




THE STAR reached out to Winston Brown, councillor of the Borobridge Division in the St Ann Municipal Corporation, who said they are taking steps to help the family bury their loved one.

Brown said that the family is trying to get some help from the Poor Relief in the parish because officials at the funeral home, where his body has been kept, say they are charging $200,000 for his burial.

"When we spoke to persons from the funeral home they said that based on the period of time they have been storing the body, they cannot charge less," he said.

Brown said they have already reached out to the Poor Relief Department in St Ann for assistance.

"They went to the area and did some investigation, so we are waiting," he said.

THE STAR learnt that Linton's burial spot has already been acquired.

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