Man pulls firearm in NCB branch

April 20, 2018


Customers who were conducting business in the National Commercial Bank's Half-Way Tree branch were sent into a frenzy yesterday when a man pulled his firearm in the business establishment.

The man, whose identity is being withheld, is said to have been doing a transaction when he was asked to declare what he was doing with that sum of money.

Assistant Superintendent Dahlia Garrick of the Constabulary Communications Unit told the news team that the man asked the teller why he needed to do that and was given a declaration form.

He was then asked by the security guard to step aside from the counter to fill out the form and to remain calm after an unpleasant exchange with the teller.




Garrick added that this exchange did not go well and another security guard intervened "at which point the customer, who is a licensed firearm holder, reportedly pulled his firearm".

"Persons in the branch became concerned. He was spoken to and reportedly left the bank," she said.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that there are strict guidelines on when a person should pull a firearm.

"A firearm should only be pulled if your life is threatened or if you are protecting your property or the life of someone else," she said. "In this case, where he was in a financial institution, where the security guards were identifiable, it would be a matter of investigation in that the justification for pulling your firearm in such an institution could constitute a breach."

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