Name mix-up lands woman in court

April 21, 2018

There was high drama in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish court yesterday when a woman, Annastacia Feron, was mistaken for an accused man.

Reports are that in 2015, Feron was on her way to Clarendon and was seeking transportation in downtown Kingston.

She asked a man to assist in carrying her luggage to a bus park.

Shortly after the man stopped to urinate close to the park when he was reprimanded by a member of the security forces.

The lawman asked his name and date of birth and told him that he was going to get a ticket. But the man fled the officer's grasp before a ticket was written.

In court yesterday, Feron said: "Your honour, when me a wait pan the man, me see him a run lef me bag and the police dem a tek in the bag".

Feron said she ran to tell the lawman that the bag belonged to her. She said he asked her name and date of birth, and when she provided both, her goods were returned.

However Feron was unaware that a report was made by the lawman and that her name was listed as the accused.

It was when she was arrested last week that Feron knew she was wanted for a crime.

The prosecutor told the court that the report he received indicated that the accused was a man.

"The report says the police officer saw a man urinating and 'I told him that I was going to give him a ticket... and he gave me his name as Annastacia Feron and his date of birth ...'," he told the court.

But Feron insisted the man was the guilty one and she did not even know who he was.

Judge Vaughn Smith, who seemed perplexed by the incident, encouraged the prosecution to dismiss the case because they had the wrong person in court.

"The officer was clear it was a man. It is clear that she is a woman. It is also clear that there is no case," he said. The case was duly dismissed.

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