Eunis Palmer-Pryce grateful as she turns 109

April 23, 2018
Eunis Palmer-Pryce proudly displays the plaque she got from councillor Winston Brown, celebrating her 109th birthday.

Eunis Palmer-Pryce turned 109 last Saturday and her daughter Valda Pryce is very happy that she gets to share in this journey with her.

Valda told the STAR that as a retired teacher, she is very happy to have the time to take care of her mother.

"I'm glad that I am around to take care of her. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. There is no place that I would rather be," she said.

Palmer-Pryce, who is still vibrant, said there was no big celebration on her birthday, but she got a visit from Councillor Winston Brown, who gave her a plaque celebrating her milestone, and family members and friends.

"I thank the Lord that I live to see 109. It is the blessings of the Lord that is keeping me," she said.

Valda said that her mother was able to do everything for herself until she fell at the age of 105 and things changed.

Palmer-Pryce, who is still a member of the Borobridge Methodist Church, still reads her 'Bible' and sings her hymns, while trying to ensure that people still have a smile on their faces.

She said that even though she cannot go to church anymore, she is often visited by the pastor and other church members.

Valda said her mom always gives of herself first and is always trying to make people happy.

"My mom has always been a home person. She is very caring and a very kind person. She is so humble and is always worrying about her children," she said. "In her early days, she would always help daddy in the field with their planting. Later on, she was doing shopkeeping."




Palmer-Pryce bore six children and she had to suffer the heartache of losing two of them along with her husband in the late stages of her life.

Even though this was not an easy burden to bear, Valda stated that her mother is still a strong woman.

"It is great to know that she has reached this age and she can still communicate in a sensible way. She misses a few things here and there but she is doing well. Her surviving children visit when they can and it brings us great joy. She now has 12 grandchildren and five great-grand," she said.

The centenarian's presence can be felt in the community as persons ask about her all the time.

"My mother and I have always had a great relationship. People in the community always come and look for her. She has made a good impact on them," she said.

Palmer-Pryce said that she is looking forward to another year and is keeping strong in the Lord.

"I would be happy for another year, but I have lived a great life so when the Lord calls me, I am ready," she said.

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