Taxi man robbed by 'gully queen'

April 23, 2018

A taxi man is furious after he said he was robbed of his cell phone by a 'gully queen' yesterday.

Gully queen is the name given to homosexuals who live in gullies of the Corporate Area, particularly the Shoemaker Gully.

"The man call from a place on Beechwod Avenue and seh him a come up yah so (Half-Way Tree Road), come carry supm fi him mada weh deh a hospital," he said.

However, he soon noticed that his phone was missing.




"When me go back down to Beechwood Avenue and me a seh it to them, them seh a lie him (the passenger) a tell, a underneath the gully yah him deh," the irate man said.

The taxi man said he went under the bridge to search for the culprit and to try and get his phone back.

He told THE STAR that he uses the phone on a daily basis to make contact with clients.

"If me did see him me would a mash up him (expletive) dung deh. Him lucky, Jah know," he said.

To add insult to injury, the taxi man said that he wasn't even paid the full fare.

"A five dollar ($500) me charge him and a two dollar ($200) him gi me. Right now it not even mek no sense me report this. Me affi go buy back a new phone and a replacement chip. Right now this set me back. Cho!" he said.

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