Boys attack homeless man with stones

April 24, 2018
Tyrone 'Shorty' Campbell talks about his ordeal.
Tyrone 'Shorty' Campbell shows the bruise on his chest.

A homeless man was left nursing injuries to his chest after he was allegedly stoned by a group of boys who attend a Corporate Area high school.

When THE STAR visited Tyrone 'Shorty' Campbell yesterday, a huge swelling above his right breast told the tale of the horrifying encounter with the ruthless teenagers.

"Me neva did a sleep, but me close me eyes, and feel when sup'm drop pon me face. Me see a group a dem, and, as usual, dem a tease me. So me take up a stone, but me never did a go fling it, enuh. Before me coulda think, me feel a blow inna me chest," he said.




Grimacing in pain, Shorty said that he is often the target of students from that particular school, as he is constantly teased and abused.

"Me can't lie down in peace. All when me nuh see dem, dem assault me. Is a really hot lick me get inna me chest plate, enuh. It coulda cause me fi skin over and dead," he said.

He said that he was eventually assisted by some persons who live close by.

"A bare war gwaan over da school deh. I think the entire management team needs to be revamped as they cannot manage the students. The police were called even earlier in the day cause dem attack the security guard. The police can't deal with them either. Da school deh need the army to step in cause a bad people go deh suh," a seemingly concerned female told THE STAR.

Shorty said that he is appealing for assistance, as he no longer feels comfortable living on the sidewalk. He stated that he had no choice but to sleep in the streets after his home, which was located on Rum Lane, Kingston, was burnt to the ground three years ago.

"Right now me have to sleep back out deh because me nuh have nowhere else. But me really would want to leave from yah so. Me used to sleep over a place, but 'chink' woulda kill me a night time. The people dem always a spray the place, but dem chink ya look like dem wear bulletproof cause dem can't dead," he said.

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