No birth papers, no job - Man struggles to find work

April 24, 2018
Junior Paige
Junior Paige hopes to become a soldier but without the proper birth papers, he is finding it hard to get a job.

Two years ago when he turned 20, Junior Paige found out he was not registered at birth by his mother.

"The name weh dem (family) gi mi a Junior Paige. Di date a birth weh dem gi mi is di 18th a September 1995, a it mi a grow up wid," Paige told THE STAR.

Paige found out that he had no papers when he started searching for a job. However, just a month after he made the discovery, the only person he could ask, his mother, passed away suddenly.

Paige does not know his biological father, and his stepfather couldn't assist either. He has tried getting a birth certificate, but the process has been tedious.

He said he went to the Registrar General's Department (RGD) and was told to get some more information as to his origin.

Paige is originally from Hector's River in Portland, but spent some time as a child in Kingston.




He has been to all the schools he has attended but cannot find any birth papers.

"I used to go to Mountain View Primary (he lived with relatives for a time in Kingston) and they have no record for me. Then I was transferred to Bell Castle Infant Primary School in Portland and they have me as Junior Johnson," he told THE STAR.

He even went on to attend Happy Grove High School, even though the school had no birth certificate for him.

He never graduated though as his mother couldn't afford to send all the children to school.

Paige found a woman who he was told was his biological father's mother and she gave him some details. However, the RGD said that information was insufficient.

Paige needs to find his biological father, but he was told the man now lives abroad.

But having struggled to get jobs in the past and now being unemployed for almost two months, Paige is becoming desperate.

Paige who wants to be a solider, said that he returned to Kingston in 2016 to search for work and to try and sort out his birth papers.

He has done small jobs, including washing dishes in a restaurant and being a sideman on a truck.

But to get a better paying job, he needs a Taxpayer Registration Number, which he is unable to get without his birth papers.

He helps to take care of his younger brothers and sisters.

"There is not enough [money] to look after them but when mi have it, mi try help out but now mi nuh have it," he said. "Every time mi have a likkle dollar, mi can't keep it because the situation tough."

Anyone who might be able to help Paige with a job or to find relatives, may contact him at 402-9076.

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