Tempers flare in Parliament

April 25, 2018
Daryl Vaz
Dayton Campbell

Tempers flared in Parliament yesterday afternoon as the Opposition and the Government discussed the issues surrounding the scaling back of operations at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

A shouting match started after Daryl Vaz, member of parliament for Western Portland, suggested that Dayton Campbell's criticism of Health Minister Christopher Tufton's handling of the situation at the hospital, following reports of patients and doctors falling ill because of poor air quality and calls for a reduction in activities, were personally motivated.

He insinuated that Campbell, the opposition spokesperson on health, worked at a private hospital in St James that could benefit from the public hospital's closure.

However, Campbell rubbished Vaz's claims that he would stand to benefit from the situation.

Things got heated when Vaz told Campbell to meet him outside, while attempting to remove his jacket.

Campbell tried to leave his seat but was told to remain calm.

The speaker of the House, Pearnel Charles, had to suspend the sitting for 20 minutes to allow tempers to calm.

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