Naked News reporters pull bizarre stunt in Jamaica

April 28, 2018


Naked news reporters may have pulled off one of their most bizarre on camera in Jamaica. The UK-based Daily Star Online reported an exclusive interview with anchorman Lucas Tyler who said: "We had a crew at Hedonism II in Jamaica and the two reporters were participating in a game.

"It's called Butt Luge and it's when one person is lying on the ground, the other is standing up, slightly bent over with her butt over the other person's face.

"Then someone pours beer down that person's back, which then goes through the butt crack and into the person lying down's mouth.

"The object of the game was to drink as much as possible but it looked like she was peeing, which is of course bizarre and disgusting."

Naked News is one of the most explicit networks in the world. The bare-all network employs scores of busty babes to share the latest gossip with the world.

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