Help me finish school - Aspiring nurse hopes for cash injection

April 30, 2018
Trellesser Nicholson

An aspiring nurse needs the public's help to complete her university studies. Trellesser Nicholson, a fourth-year student at the Sigma College of Nursing and Applied Science, says she is just two exams away from completing her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, but she may not get to do so because she owes the institution $645,000.

Nicholson, 23, said that since her mother lost her job last year, she has been unable to come up with the $450,000 school fee. In addition to the tuition, she owes the institution another $195,000 for other courses.




Nicholson, who started attend International University of the Caribbean (IUC) in 2014, had to transfer to Sigma College to complete her studies after just two years.

"It is a four-year course. I spent two years at IUC but the faculty closed down, so at that time we sought transfer and we got through to Sigma College. They were the only ones that would take us and put us in third year," she told THE STAR.

Nicholson said the fees were mangable until her mother lost, her job.

"My mom, she was the one, that was always paying the fee. I am on a payment plan, so she would pay in small amounts to cover it for the year. Once she lost her job, the amount started to build, so that is the reason why it has unfortunately reached that amount," she explained.

The fourth-year student is supposed to do a practical exam called 'SPAN' on June 20 and then another written exam in October in order to complete the degree programme. However, before she is able to sit the exams the outstanding balance must be paid.

"I sent letters to my MP and business places, but I haven't gotten a response as yet but I am keeping my fingers cross. I am still trying to get in as much contribution as I can," said Nicholson, who says she has even to sought employment to help pay the fees she owes.

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