Wanted man captured leaving go-go club

April 30, 2018

A wanted man was captured by police as he left a go-go club in Kingston on Saturday morning.

The man, Charles Hamilton, otherwise called 'Tuggy Tuggy', had been on the run since 2016 when he escaped police custody.

He was found guilty on July 27, 2016 for illegal possession of firearm and shooting with intent. While he was awaiting sentencing, Hamilton, 30, absconded from the lock-up at the Islington Police Station in St Mary. He was sentenced, in absentia, to 15 years' imprisonment.

Most recently, he was being sought by detectives attached to the Major Investigations Division in relation to the murder of retired police Sergeant Trevor Williams, who was killed on November 30, last year.

"Police a search fi him 'bout di place yah long time now. Him lucky dem never kill him," a Stony Hill resident said as news of his capture spread throughout the community.

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