Graphic designer wants to start making licence plates

May 01, 2018
Xavier Bryant shows off some of his creations.

Xavier Bryant had a vision a few years ago to make licence plates for the government to supply various vehicles in Jamaica but he decided to put it off.

But, after the country ran out of licence plates for a couple of months in 2015, Bryant started trying his hand at making licence plates again.

He said he has been able to make exact replicas of plates that are currently being used.

"With a thickness of five millimetres and a dimension of 12 by 6 inches, they are identical to the originals. Also, they are made with the same reflective background surface and lettering in the identical colours as the originals. The printed surface is also covered with a tough, transparent sealant that makes them tamper resistant," he said.

Bryant, who owns and operates a graphic design company in downtown Kingston, said he only made the first set of plates in hopes of getting the Government's attention, and hopefully support his venture.

"If the Government agrees with what I am doing, I would make and supply it to them and they would supply the vehicles. I am just trying to help in preventing the shortage of licence plates from happening again," he said.

He adds that there are significant advantages to having the plates in Jamaica as opposed to having them imported.

"One of the most significant advantages is that they can be replaced within 48 hours if they are lost, damaged, or stolen," he said, also promising he can provide all the colours necessary for any plate, for example the yellow and black for government plates.

He said that at present, he estimated he could make at least 40 plates a day for regular vehicles and could produce personal plates in less than three days.

"With this scenario, a man can walk into the tax office on Monday morning and order his personalised plates and by the latest Wednesday afternoon, he can pick them up at the tax office of his choice anywhere in Jamaica," he said.

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