Newell hosts community fair

May 01, 2018
Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett (centre) gives young Minister of State, Ministry of Education Youth & Information, Floyd Green (right) a lesson in Jamaica's cultural heritage as they, along with chairman of the Joint Council on Tertiary Education, Dr Cecil Cornwall, (left) views artefacts from Jamaica's recent past on display at Saturday's Agriculture and Tourism Community Fair hosted by the Joint Council on Tertiary Education with the Ministries of Tourism and Education at Newell High School in St. Elizabeth.

The Ministry of Tourism has given its support to an initiative by the Ministry of Education, through the Joint Council on Tertiary Education (JCTE) to take educational opportunities to young people in their communities.

The initiative was launched on Saturday with the first of a series of agriculture and tourism community fairs held at the Newell High School with presentations by agencies promoting educational opportunities, community tourism, agricultural production, art and historical culture.

Underscoring the importance of the fair in his keynote address, Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett said "it's important because it seeks to do what we really should have been doing from day one; it seeks to align the various economic activities in our country towards certain manageable and measurable outcomes."

"The impact of training and the building of our human capital to enable capacity for production, to create competitiveness, to create innovation and to enable Jamaica to stand out as a destination of choice to all people of the world, is so critical and important," he said.




He said the partnership indicated that government was cognisant of the need for alignment and symmetry "to ensure that each activity that we do feeds into another to get the prosperity that we promised the people of Jamaica."

Having linkages in tourism was all about that, he said, adding, "education, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and cultural industries are the centrepieces of this process that will drive productivity and production."

Minister of State in Education, Youth and Information, Floyd Green said the fair was bringing opportunity to the people and would be staged across the length and breadth of the country.

"It's against that background that we felt we needed to approach our educational engagement very differently so that it would really appeal to our young people while letting them understand what is out there and what we have on offer."

Green said the fair was in recognition of the fact that agriculture was evolving and that "we have the best community tourism product in the word and we want to see how we can marry both of them and ensure that we are not just producing the best tourism product and the best agriculture, but that they are feeding into each other."

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