State of Emergency extension in limbo

May 01, 2018

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the Government will today move a resolution for the extension of the state of emergency (SOE) in the parish of St James.

Holness said that the Government has taken note of the Opposition's position of not supporting the extension of the St James SOE beyond the current request to be brought to Parliament.

"The Government views the declaration by the Opposition as an indication to criminals that there is no consensus on the fight against crime and that the state of emergency will end shortly.

The declaration signals that the lack of political unity will bring the SOE to an end rather than a consideration of outcomes and results," Holness said in a statement yesterday.

Opposition Member of Parliament Peter Bunting, speaking at a conference in Bellefield, Manchester, on Sunday, said Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton must answer questions about Cornwall Regional Hospital before the issue of an extension of the state of emergency is entertained in Parliament.

Pointing out that murders are up five per cent over last year's figures, Bunting said Holness is seeking to find a way to blame the PNP for its non-performance.

The SOE in St James, which was first declared in January, has already been extended until May 2. It requires 42 MPs voting for the resolution for the SOE to be extended. The Government has 33 members.

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