Thank God for Jamalco - Manchester community praises mining company

May 01, 2018
Shopkeeper Paulene Clarke talks about the good Jamalco has done for the area.
Jamalco's Refinery in Halse Hall, Clarendon.

Mining company Jamalco is receiving high praises from residents in Asia, Manchester.

One resident, Paulene Clarke, told The STAR that she is very happy that Jamalco came in the community about 15 years ago because they have motivated the youth to achieve what they didn't know they could due to the financial instability many faced.

"They send some people to school, and when them finish school, they come back and work with them. Some gone go work at other places," she said.

Vice-principal of Winston Jones High School in the community, Kenecia Stewart, told The STAR that the programme started in 2012, and it has been doing well so far. She said that they started with only mathematics and English, but recently added a cosmetology course to the curriculum.

We approached Jamalco and they said we should do a proposal, which we did, and they took on the evening programme," she said. "It (the cosmetology programme) was successful. We had 20 students and they got their Level One certification."

Stewart said that they are happy that the school and Jamalco could do this for community members as some persons have moved on to colleges, and others, upon passing their subjects, went and joined the army.

"This brings us joy to know that we can do this for the community," she said.

The programme recently enrolled 46 persons, who are set to do their Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams this month.

Stewart said that Jamalco, which pays full tuition for persons and half of their CSEC expenses, also helps with providing water for the school.

"They truck water to us at least once a week, and they sponsor our mentorship programme. They are very supportive of the school that is in the mining community," she said.

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