'Help me build a house'

May 03, 2018
Tom Francis* wants help to buy a house. He says he may kill himself if he does not get help to lead a more comfortable life.

Six months after threatening to drink poison because he could not find money to pay bills, Tom Francis* is again promising to end his life.

Francis, 45, said he now has a piece of rope, and he feels like using it to bring his life to an end.

However, he insists that he can be persuaded to remain alive if persons come to his assistance and make his life more bearable.

"Me tiad fi pay rent, and me cya even afford it. Me rent a $8,000, and the landlord give me notice. Me waah set up a two-bedroom fi me and me catty," he said, adding that he would need help to make a house.

"Also, me woulda want some help getting a fridge, a stove and one a the bicycle thing dem fi exercise pan," he added.

Francis said he does have family members, but they are unable to help him out because they are as poor as him.

"Right now, a only $1,000 me have inna me account," Francis said.

Last November, THE STAR reported that Francis was threatening to kill himself by drinking Gramoxone.




Yesterday, when asked whether he was using his HIV-positive status to beg for money, Francis said he was depressed and in need of money to do various tests.

He also said that he did not get a lot of money when he sought help via this newspaper in November.

"A only US$200 me get the last time. Me tek US$100 and me give me HIV girlfriend, and me give me mother a country some out of what I had," he said.

Francis said the fact that his bank account number was not published did not help his cause.

Francis said he was diagnosed with the disease in 2002 and went on medication in 2008. He described himself as a healthy person who is just experiencing a shortfall in life.

"Yuh nuh see how me look good? I am just having some financial difficulty," he said.

Francis told THE STAR that even though he wants to live to be 100 years old, his situation causes him to have suicidal thoughts at times. He said that all he needs is some help to make himself comfortable.

"A several blood-test paper me throw away because me nuh have the funds to pay for it. Sometimes me depressed because when the needs are there and you don't have the funds to do anything, it hard. The highest for one test is $12,000, and me can't even afford that. Me just have the urge these last days. Me go through too much needs and wants with my situation," he said.

He added: "Me go as far as tie the rope and stand up an a look pan the tree and a think about how me ago do it. How me ago stand up pan the bench and kick it weh after me throw the rope around the tree and put it round me neck. After thinking about it, me have a change a heart. Me would a like fi do a overall check up and everything and see if me have any cancer and other issues," he added.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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