Where is Mappy? - Mom praying for missing daughter to return

May 03, 2018
In this May 2018 photo, Racquel 'Bubbles' Ricguard holds a photo of her missing daughter, Anneka 'Mappy' Thompson.
Racquel "Bubbles" Ricguard say she is keeping faith that her daughter is still alive.

Racquel ‘Bubbles’ Ricguard said she sat on a bench outside her home on George’s Lane in central Kingston and waited for her daughter to return home last Tuesday night.

Ricguard said that at about 5.p.m. last Tuesday she sent her daughter, Anneka ‘Mappy’ Thompson, 23, to deliver some food.

She said she watched as she made her way up the lane, stopping to talk to a few persons along the way. But shortly thereafter, she got a call that Anneka had not made the food delivery.

“Mi know she guh up di road, mi know dat fi a fact... Mi get the phone call and dem a say ‘look like 'Mappy' bench wi cause mi nuh get di food,” Ricguard, who operates a restaurant and bar,  told THE STAR.

After receiving the call, the mother said she went on a frantic search for her second of four children.

“Mi go up di lane guh ask and dem say she pass and then mi guh which part mi know shi woulda always deh, weh har friends dem locate, and dem say 'no, wi nuh see har',” she explained.

Ricguard said she and a cousin walked all over Kingston trying to find Mappy. They even went to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

“True mi know she have asthma, mi guh up a Public. I went up by Public and ask di nurse if she tek een Anneka Thompson fi oxygen or nothing and she said no, what happened,” she told THE STAR.

After searching in vain, Ricguard said she went to the Central Police Station to report her missing.

And when she returned home, Ricguard said she sat the bench outside her home and did not move until 6 a.m. the following morning.


“It is not her style that suh mi a look fi she a come home cause she have  her daughter fi send guh school,” she said about Anneka, who has a three-year-old daughter.

And after getting a call on Thursday that police attached to Greater Portmore Police Station had found a pair of slippers and blood, she and other relatives journeyed to ‘Gaza’ in Waterford, St Catherine.

“Dem say dem hear the gunshot and dem hear when she run off  and say ‘Yeah man, uno ago kill mi, a weh mi and uno have dawg,'" the mother said.

And although it has been over a week since Anneka went missing,  Ricguard say she is keeping faith that her daughter is still alive.

“Maybe dem hol’ har captive cause wi caan put dung dead pon people, as a mother I caan say dead cause it only ago mash mi up more than how it mash mi up now,” Ricguard added.

“Mi try my best fi wul out and beg God fi gi mi health and strength...Yuh see when it touch dung inna evening and everybody fi eat, yu know say a deso di likkle sadness start and likkle heartbroken start,” the mother said.

The mother said Mappy is a witness in an ongoing court matter and should have returned to court last Thursday, which is two days before her abduction. She made a court appearance the day before she disappeared.

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