Cop shoots female motorist - Bullet was meant for windscreen wiper

May 04, 2018
Police investigators gather by the east gate at Sovereign Centre in Liguanea, St Andrew, after a woman was accidentally shot by a policeman yesterday morning.

A female motorist had to be rushed to hospital after being shot inadvertently by a policeman who opened fire at a windscreen wiper man in Liguanea yesterday morning.

According to an alleged eyewitness, the incident started after the lawman refused the wiper's services.

"Di yute a wipe a car glass a come dung and when di yute reach to him, him fan off the yute and di yute say: 'Bossy mi nah trouble yuh car glass'," the witness said.




According to the eyewitness, the windscreen wiper walked away after he realised that the man had a gun in his hand.

'Suh di yute says weh dat fah mi nah trouble yu ca,r and di yute walk weh from him guh up a di gas station. Him drive guh up a di gas station and park up and pop off the gun and di yute walk weh from him," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The witness said he tried unsuccessfully to persuade the cop not to shoot.

"Mi say 'wait, yuh really a fire di gun yah suh' and di man tun roun' and look pon mi and di yute fire the gun. Mi say 'Boy, yuh nuh easy, enuh. Mi say si yuh shoot di lady' and him say 'a nuh mi' and mi say 'nuh more gun no fire, a you cause mi inna di gas station stan' up and mi si wah a happen'," the man said.

The windscreen wiper man ran away in tears before returning to the scene to recount how the bullet that hit the woman whistled past his ears.

Investigators from the Independent Commission of Investigations is probing the case.

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