Swinging parties in high demand

May 04, 2018

'Swinging parties' are on the rise in Jamaica and men are loving it.

One man who hosts the swinging parties regularly said that it is something that is becoming a trend because people look forward to it.

"Right now, a it a the in thing. People loving it. There is a group that people join, and when one decides to keep a party, it is a requirement that the others attend. The thing is, if you not part of the group, yuh nah go know about it. If a person from the group invite you, then that's fine, but a nuh like yuh a guh know about it if someone from the group nuh tell yuh," he said.

Another man who hosts freaky parties said that he has never hosted a swinging party before, but it is something that he is considering because people are asking for it, and these parties are easy to set up.

"More time at my party yuh see a couple and them a seh dem want to do a thing with another couple. Me see all man come there with anada woman weh a nuh fi dem and a ask me when me a go keep one a dem party deh," he said.




However, some men who go to these parties regularly said they would not carry their wives because they are not interested.

Adamant that his wife is not exciting enough, John Black* said attending swinging parties is one of the main ways that he spices up his sex life.

"My wife just boring suh. All she wants to do is lay on her back. Me mention the party to her one time and to how she gwaan me just tell her a joke and keep it moving," he said.

Black, who has been married for roughly 25 years, said that he enjoys going to these parties because he gets to experience something that is lacking at home.

Persons attending swinging parties can decide to get intimate with any patron, as long as there is consent.

Black said that there are times that he feels guilty about attending, but he gets sexual satisfaction.

He said that one of the best things about going to these parties is that there is a culture of 'What happens there stays there'.

Another man, Harry Dick*, said that he started going to swinging parties because his wife of 16 years doesn't excite him anymore.

"Yuh see if you a jealous person, you can't come to these parties. My wife is a jealous woman, so mi know she a guh behave a way to see me touching and having sex with another woman," he said.

He added: "If you going to these parties as a man by yourself it a go hard ... a man nah guh wah watch yuh a have sex wid him woman and him nah have sex wid yours."

*Names changed

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