What is in your future? - Man with 'four eyes' claims he can see everything

May 07, 2018
United States law enforcement officials escort an alleged lottery scammer after was ordered extradited to face trial.

Nardo Smith, who calls himself a 'spiritual adviser', says hundreds of persons from across the world contact him on a daily basis for him to predict their future.

Smith, 31, says he has received the moniker 'On-Point Boss' because of his track record of providing accurate predictions and has gained a multitude of followers on social media through his Facebook Live sessions. These sessions were started three years ago.

Smith says that just hearing a person's voice, he can tell them the problems that they are having in their lives and what the future holds for them.




"They call free and they don't say anything. They just say 'good evening', and I do the rest," he said.

Smith, who said he is a former pastor, told THE STAR that criminals are among the persons whom he speaks to daily.

"They can call my show, and I advise them to turn away from that negativity. My thing is about energy, and I entertain positive energy," he said.

"A lot of the scammer call, and mi tell dem di time and di date police a guh lock dem up, and when the police come and lock dem up, dem family call and tell me I was on point," Smith added.

Hailing from Spanish Town, St Catherine, Smith said he now runs a business, 'RT Family Gone Global Inc' which he said has been registered in the United States since 2016.




"I was born wid it (ability to advise people), and I started to read people randomly, just walk and tell people about them life until mi reach America, and then mi start come publicly and mi start tell di world about my life," Smith, who has been a spiritual adviser for 12 years, said.

"I help people get job, I help people with whatever negative energy dem have over dem life, show dem how to think positive, and help people mek right decisions," he said.

He insists that his business is not a scam, and neither should it be confused with obeah.

"Do not mix up witchcraft with my type of job because it might a look similar, [but] a spiritual adviser is person who advise people to make positive choices in life because they can see in the future," he said.

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