May Pen Hospital benefit from the Hues' generosity

May 16, 2018
Dr Hyacinth Hue (3rd right) and Eric Hue (third left) hand over a sonography machine and medical supplies to the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon. Receiving the donation are acting CEO of the May Pen Hospital, Nadine Preddie (left), senior medical officer at the MPH, Dr. Bradley Edwards (second left), parish manager of the Clarendon Health Services, Joseph Grant (second right) and deputy director of Nursing Services at the MPH, Nancy Davis-Williams.

Dr Hyacinth Hue and her husband, Eric Hue, have made yet another donation to the healthcare sector in Clarendon. The Hues donated a sonography machine, valued at US$7,000, to the May Pen Hospital. They also delivered a number of feeding syringes, some arthroscopy drapes with fluid collection pouch, one immobiliser for the knee and one back brace.

Dr Hyacinth Hue, who holds double PhDs in Nutrition and Christian Psychological Counselling, in handing over the much-needed portable sonograph, told the medical team at the hospital that in her spirit she knows it will bless more persons than she could ever use it to do.

"It is by the gift and grace of God that I came upon this machine. A colleague of mine had an office that was going out of business, he had bought some brand new machines. I had called someone about getting a sonograph and was told that this was available. I was advised to get it at once at a proper price before anyone else and I did," she said.

A sonography machine uses the echoes of high-frequency sound waves to provide images of internal organs or body structures.

Dr Bradley Edwards, senior medical officer at the May Pen Hospital, said the gift is very expensive and necessary.

"Mere thanks are not enough," he said. "This is a seed which is planted and will benefit the entire Clarendon and our region. I look forward to nurturing it, fertilising it and ensuring that many people benefit from it. It is a first step to better quality healthcare and we will begin to use it right away," Dr Edwards said.

In February, the Hues donated a fully equipped building in Tweedside, Clarendon, valued at some $40 million to be used as a health centre.

Joseph Grant, parish manager, Clarendon Health Services, said a team comprising a doctor, nurses and community health aides are currently working at the Tweedside Health Centre, and many home visits are also being done.

"We are moving healthcare in a direction where doctors and community health aides are interfacing directly in the homes of patients in order to prevent them from ending up at Percy Junor and other hospitals," Grant said.

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