Windscreen cleaner wants a better job

May 16, 2018
Windshield wiper Omar Gabbidon says he wants a better job.

Wiping car windscreen for a living was not what Omar Gabbidon had in mind when he was a child. However, after being unemployed for a while, he claims that he was forced to go to the Three Miles area in St Andrew to 'hustle' his way out.

He said that he has been wiping windshields since his early schooldays, and he would like to do something else now, but no one is giving him the opportunity to do so.

"When me used to go Denham Town [High School], me used to come out here after school done and wipe car glass, so me can have lunch money an likkle extra fi buy myself a shirt or pants," he said, noting that his parents were struggling financially.

Not wanting to be ridiculed by his peers, Gabbidon, 21, said that he would often wait until in the night to start his work.

"A nuff friend me did have when me a go school, and me never want dem see me. Me still don't want dem see me, but me used to come out yah and wait till dust dung fi start work," he said.

Things changed for him when he had his first child, and he decided that the life he lived would not be the same for his daughter.




"Mi send in resume to whole heap a places, like the factory dem in the area yah, but me nuh know if a because me live a Majesty Gardens mek them nah tek me," he said.

"Me nah lie still, yah so carry me through whole heap because me little daughter a four and more time a yah so mek me can give her some food to eat. Me woulda like a work pan the construction site deh and me talk to the contractor man and tell him seh me interested fi work, but him nah seh nothing to me," he added.

Gabbidon told THE STAR that working in the hot sun on a daily basis is not an easy task, but it is something he must endure if he is going to put food on the table.

"Most man, when dem drive up and yuh come fi give dem a wipe, dem deal wid yuh wicked. A man wi stay so and a look pan you a give them a wipe before them tell you no, and when yuh done wipe and a look fi small change, dem drive off," he said.

He said that even though windshield cleaners are often frowned upon by many drivers, they prefer to do this type of work instead of breaking the law.

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