Men flock shops to pierce nipples

May 21, 2018
Man sweating

Jamaican men have reportedly been buying into the nipple piercing trend, a practice that was believed to be the exclusive domain of women not too long ago.

"Quite a large number of men have been coming to get their nipples pierced lately, and before one assumes that it's being done only by gay men, think again," Candice 'Needlez' Davis, proprietor of Needlez Body Candy Services and Wax Salon, told THE STAR.

Davis said she does at least a dozen nipple piercing on men per month.

"Yes, gay men come and get nipple piercing, however, quite a lot of straight men come by with their female counterparts and sometimes even get matching jewellery," she said.

And while women in other parts of the world who get their boobs pierced are willing to take off their top in public areas, such as restaurants and beaches, Davis said that 'flashing' is not a thing in Jamaica.




Instead, she said the Jamaican women who get their nipples pierced are doing so for cosmetic and sexual purposes.

"Women get nipple piercing because they may find it attractive to them and or their spouses for simulation purposes and it is largely done to correct inverted nipples," she said.

The Sun newspaper in the UK has reported that a "naked" craze that began there has now spread to Disneyland as women have been flashing their boobs for others to see.

Dubbed the 'X-rated', the trend is the latest craze to hit the Internet after naked diners stripped off in packed restaurants.

Meanwhile, Dr Shane Alexis is urging persons who intend to pierce any part of their body, to be properly informed before deciding as there are could be drawbacks.

"Infections can occur, bacteria can enter the wound and can cause or create an avenue for an abscess to be formed," he said.

"An abscess would require some sort of medical procedure. There are nerves on it so sensation can be affected. While we may want to pierce for some enhancements in terms of sensitivity, it can be a drawback," he added.

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