Woman claims spiritualist cured her cancer

May 24, 2018
Contributed Michelle Carr said she was cured from cancer after boiling 'spiritual' paper and drinking the water.

Michelle Carr believes that she was able to beat cancer because she followed the advice of a spiritual adviser. Carr said that after she discovered that she had ovarian cancer, she underwent a series of radiological and chemotherapy treatments to try and beat the disease. She said that she went to four doctors but it was not until she met Nardo Smith that she was miraculously healed.

"I feel that in my heart God led me to Nardo Smith. I was on my Facebook one day and that first day that he showed up, I started following him because I am a woman of God and I feel him spiritually," said.

"Two years ago, while I was getting the treatment, I happened to be watching him on Facebook and I could feel him through the phone, spiritually, because I am a woman of God," Carr added.


She told The STAR that she decided to give him a call after she saw him advertising that he was offering free 'reading'.

"He said that he was going to put me in a group that he had and discuss it more, and let the spirit lead him to give me scriptures to read and fast," she said.

But after hearing that Nardo Smith would be visiting Jamaica, she decided to track him down in the island.

"I said, you know what, I am going to take a flight to Jamaica because it was a spiritual journey also. So as I went to Jamaica, he asked me first, 'do you believe in God', I said 'yes'. 'Do you obey God', and I said 'yes'. The Holy Spirit led him to white something on a piece of paper," she told The STAR.

Carr said Smith told her to boil the paper and drink it when she returned to New York and she followed his directions.

It was after that the doctors gave her the exciting news.

"The doctor said 'you are free because I don't see this tumour on the scan'," she told THE STAR.

"I did chemo, I did radiation, and before I met Nardo Smith, I went back to check and it was there. From the time I met Nardo on Facebook and he laid his spiritual hands on me, and by time I went back to do my check up, it was gone," said Carr.

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