Craftsman gets mobile wheelchair

May 28, 2018
Vincent Brown was overjoyed to receive a motorized wheelchair from Digicel Foundation.
Vincent Brown (centre) relaxes in his new motorized wheelchair while showing off his craft items with Digicel Foundation. Standing, from left: Wayne Dixon, Dionne Coombs and Candiese Leveridge.

Vincent Brown, who was left slightly paralysed as a result of polio shortly after his birth, will be able to move around more easily after receiving a mobile wheelchair from the Digicel Foundation on Friday.

Brown, 58, told THE STAR in an article published on May 8, 2018, that he was finding it difficult to move around to sell the artworks that he carved and that he had to amble around or use a small bicycle to get around.

Touched by Brown's story, the Digicel Foundation answered his plea for help.

Candiese Leveridge, communications and engagement manager of the Digicel Foundation, told THE STAR, "When we saw Mr Brown's story, the team at Digicel Foundation jumped into action immediately."

She said that the foundation is fully committed to assisting persons with special needs, so it was a pleasure to gift Mr Brown with this wheelchair.




"He is a hard-working, independent man, and these are qualities we support, so we are very happy to have been able to help," she told THESTAR.

Brown said that he was elated about receiving the donation.

"I feel very good because it will help me a lot so I can go around more and do a better business," he told THE STAR.

While expressing gratitude for the gift, Brown said that he was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he received the donation.

"I appreciate what them do [and] that them move so fast to assist me because is years I was looking some thing like this, and I go to a lot of place to get help and I don't get it," he said.

With his new mobile wheelchair, he is hopeful that he can reach even more customers to purchase his crafts.

"Anywhere that it can lead me that I can do little selling, even if it can carry mi to town, I will use it to do mi likkle hustling," Brown said.

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