Clarendon to get spiritual awakening

June 08, 2018
Senior Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell

Several religious leaders from across Jamaica will head to Lionel Town and Hayes in Clarendon to pray for deliverance from crime and violence.

"Clarendon for Jesus! There are some strongholds in Clarendon. Some things are happening that are not normal. You see what is happening with the poverty level. Some young people are getting into crime. there are some alters that need to be broken down," pastor Cyndie Taylor of the Palmers Cross New Testament church said.

She said that there are forces that are affecting the progress of Clarendon, and so, the saints of Christ are planning to use fasting and prayer to reach out to people on the Vere Plain.

The Clarendon invasion is being led by Tarrant Baptist Church, which visited the parish on Labour Day.

"The last time, we met at the old police station in May Pen, and I cannot describe it, trust me. This time, they have done a mapping of the Vere Plain, from the history come right back, to figure out some of the reasons why delivery cannot be had. We are tearing down strongholds. We are having Christians from all over Jamaica come out and fellowship with us. I don't think people understand what is going to happen on Saturday," Taylor said.

Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, head of Clarendon police, is excited about tomorrow's spiritual takeover.

"On Labour Day ,they did a tour. This one won't be a tour. It's like a spot meeting. I even asked them if they can go into Rocky Point," she said.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR that the churches have the full support of the police, like they did on Labour Day. She said this is well received because they have the chance to reach out to people in troubled communities.

"They are there to advise and just bring some love and unity to the persons in the troubled spots because we have a lot of challenges," she added.

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