Chi chi a eat down the place - Family of five needs new home

June 11, 2018
The termite-infested house that Natasha Edwards and her family live in.
A section of the leaking ceiling.

Natasha Edwards is desperate to change her living conditions.

Edwards, who lives with her spouse,Delbert Lodge, and her three stepchildren in Race Track, Clarendon, said that they have been living in a board house for the past two years and she has been trying to make the place feel like a home but that is not to be.

She said that the structure has been overrun by termites and even though they are trying to live and make the best of the circumstances, things are getting really bad.

“When I lay down in the bed I can see through the walls and ceilings into the sky because of the holes that are in the house. Chi chi a eat down the place,” she said.

She told THE STAR that her spouse, who is an electrician, often loses work because he has to stay home and take care of his youngest child.

“None of the children are mine but he asked me to help him and I am trying my best to but the housing situation is getting worse,” she said.

She said there are times the children cannot go to school because of the financial difficulties they are experiencing.

“Sometimes him nuh have it none at all. More while a mi mada mi affi call and beg for supm. There are times the children go school Monday and don’t go back for the rest of the week,” she said.

Edwards, 31 said she never got to finish high school and is now trying to get her life in order. She cannot contribute financially the way that she would like to.

“Wi need a house badly and that is the reason why mi a beg some help for them. The house is not his and he doesn’t have any family member like that who can help him get one,” she said.

The board structure that the five member family is said to be living in is only a one bedroom that had been sectioned according to Edwards.


Anyone who is willing to help Edwards and her family is asked to contact her at 876-509-7331.


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