Councillor wants Lacovia Bridge fixed

June 12, 2018
The structure of the Jacob's Hut bridge in Clarendon collapses due to the flood waters from the heavy rain in the parish.

Christopher Williams, councillor for the Santa Cruz Division, has called for the rails on the Lacovia bridge to be repaired.

"I would like the National Works Agency to carry out immediate work to have the dislodged sections of the rails replaced without delay," Williams said.

The bridge's security rains were knocked off several years ago as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

"I thought that when the contract to rehabilitate the Gutter to Tombstone road segment, the replacement of the rails was part of the works to be done," councillor Williams said.

He said that individuals are fearful to even walk across the bridge, which spans a section of the Black River.

Williams said he is not only concerned about the dislodged rails on the Lacovia Bridge but also the poor state of the old Lacovia bridge, which is frequently used by public passenger vehicles plying the Lacovia to Slipe route.

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