God stood by me - Pastor recalls tragic loss of infant son

June 12, 2018
James Pinnock recalls the fateful day he lost his son.
Pinnock said that more than a decade after the incident, he still hasn't got over it.

In 2007, Pastor James Pinnock had a nightmare that his 18-month-old infant would be killed by a bus.

Within days, his nightmare became a reality. His little boy was crushed to death, while he reversed his minibus out of his yard.

When The STAR team visited the clergyman at his home in Sutton, Clarendon, he was preparing for a day of fishing at a nearby river.

His family, including his wife and teenage daughter, sat metres away on their veranda as Pinnock shared the painful recollection of that fateful day.

"I gave the baby to one of my friends and I saw when he took him inside. I began to reverse out and my daughter tell me say me reverse on me son. It was God who stand by me because I thought it was the end of my life. Even now I can't get over it," he said.

No charges were laid against Pinnock.

He labels the incident as a demonic spell, stating that he had plans of starting a fasting period the same Sunday that he accidentally ran over his son.

"I am sure the baby was in the house but when I came here the community was full of demonic forces. I could hardly rest and it was like a battle with these forces, but I prayed and other members of the community joined in the fight and it's better now," he said.


Void in his heart


Although he has seven other children, Pinnock, who heads the Bibleway Church of God in Christ Jesus Apolostic Church, said there will always be a void in his heart.

"I can never forget my little baby. He was so full of life and to know that he just died like that. It is the mercy of God that is keeping us together," Pinnock said between sighs.

He stated that although the community is in deep rural Clarendon, it was once plagued by violence. But thankfully that is now a thing of the past.

"Don't watch how in here look quiet. Last year, there was a lot of gunshots but the community is calm and clear now. People used to get killed in here, but we are not afraid because we trust in the Lord," he said.

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