No sight, lots of ambition - Visually impaired gospel artiste wants help to make dream come true

June 12, 2018
Courtney Cooke
Courtney Cooke

Visually impaired gospel artiste wants help to make dream come true

Courtney Cooke has been visually impaired for almost 20 years, but, according to him, that is no excuse to miss the opportunities that life gives you.

When he lost his sight at 17 years old, it was a devastating time for him, but he did not allow it to be his downfall.

"I got hit in one eye, and it affected the other. When I finally got the money to go and look about it, the doctors told me that it was too late. I was hurt, but I did not let it ruin my life. Mi used to go [Reggae] Sumfest and listen to the music because mi couldn't see nobody. But mi did a seh mi need fi enjoy life same way," he said.

After many years, Cooke decided to dabble in music, and after creating a love song, he said that he was called to the gospel ministry where he did various covers of different gospel songs.

"I used to wash cars, and then I started to do music. I made a love song back in the day but things changed when I got saved in '98," he said.

Songs such as Give Mi Pass, Leave It There and You're Excellent are some of the singles that Cooke released after he got saved.

Cooke, 45, thought that he would be a top gospel artiste by now, but that was not to be. Without the necessary support and a management team, he said that he has had his fair share of setbacks.

"The sight is not there, and you know how the thing go, you have to fight your way through because not everyone is looking out for you," he said.

"As a man, I am the type of person that will not sit down and depend on people, even though I am visually impaired. Mi want to have my own and be able to provide for my family. I am very independent, and I want to live an independent life. Not because you lose your sight mean you should look for handout,' he added.

Having his daughter, whom he cherishes, Cooke said that he is determined to do what he needs to do to ensure sure she lives a good life.


Tried other jobs


He told THE STAR that he has tried a number of jobs, but it has been difficult because he cannot see.

Since music is something that he can do without his sight, he said that he is now pressing towards his goal of becoming a gospel artiste.

"I have one daughter, she going to Merl Grove High. So, you see the problem now. I need to be able to provide a good place for her. It is not easy. When you don't have anyone out there to look out for you. If you don't push yourself, you not going to go up," he said

"Not because you have a challenge means you should sit down and wait in things to happen," he added.

Anyone who wants to help Cooke make his dream becoming a reality, may call him at 876-572-6956.

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