Vendors plan to bet big during World Cup

June 12, 2018
Marlon Jones
Xavier Graham
Lowell Linton

The World Cup kicks off tomorrow in Russia, and some vendors in downtown Kingston are gearing up to bet big bucks on their favourite teams during the tournament.

Marlon Jones, who picks Germany to win the World Cup, said that he will be doing more than just support the team.

“Mi nuh just carry it (Germany), mi gamble pon it too. Mi gamble wid di whole a di big higgler dem. Mi bet like five grand, 10 grand, two grand, three grand, any amount of money,” he told THE STAR.

He added that a lot of the vendors are going to make big bet on the teams they support through the tournament.

“Di biggest bet wi mek a when a man favourite side a play. Some people mostly favourite Brazil, Argentina and  France, so yuh see when dem side deh buck, yuh know say some good bet a go gwaan,” he told THE STAR.

And he is hopeful that he will have the same success he had in the 2014 staging when Germany won.

“Germany is a side weh mi neva yet fail pon. Sometime yuh lose and sometimes yuh gain, but mi gain a lot the last World Cup. Di last World Cup mi win all $20,000, $15,000, $10,000. Mi win dem deh off a one bet, especially when Germany play Argentina and when dem play Brazil,” he said.

Although Xavier ‘Bling’ Graham supports Portugal, he said that he plans to bet on all the matches during the World Cup.

“Mi a nuh die-hearted, mi bet pon football. Every match weh a play mi have a side, so mi haffi bet pon dem match deh,” he told THE STAR.

Graham said that the amount of money he bets will be based on how much money he has in his possession.

“Mi neva have no limit to when mi ago bet, cause Friday mi haffi guh bet pon Portugal. So it depends pon how mi pocket stay pon di day determine how mi bet,” he said.

He added that he plans to bet with authorised companies, as well as among the vendors. 

Meanwhile, Lowell Linton started to bet as early as last Sunday.

“Mi already put in a one bet pon Portugal already over Portmore Justbet. Mi put $2,500 pon Portugal fi reach di quarter finals,” he told THE STAR.

And when the tournament kicks off, he said that he will be doing more gambling.

“Mi nuh done bet yet. Mi a plan fi put a grand pon dem fi win it when mi have di money. But to how mi confident inna dem, mi bet say dem a go reach di quarter finals,” the shoes vendor said.

Not to be left out Latesha ‘Bobbette’ Scott, who says she buys Cash Pot, told THE STAR that she intends to place her bets.

“Mi plan fi win money. All when mi a go church, mi plan fi win money,” she said.

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