Vox Pop: What do you think must be done in a bid to reduce road accidents and fatalities?

June 12, 2018
Rose Smart
Leighton Woolery
Neville White

Rose Smart: "Them must take time on the road because they are riding too fast. Some of them a speed with people pon them bike, so if they take time ride, then it will cause fewer accidents."

Leighton Woolery: "I think they can start by wearing protective gears, like a helmet, for example. Secondly, them can cut down on the speed. Them ride way too fast and reckless sometimes. I see it day in, day out."

Neville White: "The man dem must wear helmet. Too many riders not wearing helmet and other gears that can save dem life in the event of an accident. Speeding is also a factor. They must slow down more."

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