88-year-old Stamina Daddy - Elderly man insists he is still good in bed

June 13, 2018
Keith Brown, 88, insists that he is still good in bed, with the help of a little cashew juice.

Freshly squeezed cashew juice is quite the bedroom tonic for 88-year-old Keith Brown.

When THE STAR visited him at his home in Coxswain, Clarendon, he was busy juicing the fruit and setting the cashew seeds to dry on a piece of zinc nearby.

"When me mix dis, all me need is one Guinness, a Red Label and white rum, and after that any woman me take on 'dead'," he said with a stern expression.

And he claims the cashew juice also played a part in him becoming the father of 14 children.

Brown is a confident old man, as he boasts about his sexual prowess, standing up a few times to demonstrate his points.

"A 14 kids me have with 10 woman, and me take care a all a dem. Right now, me free, single and disengaged. Me nah look nobody to come live with me enuh, 'cause me a man a my yard. Woman nuh head my house. Me nuh really want nobody to come live with me still. Right, now a just cut and go through me ting deh," said Brown, a tobacco planter, who owns several acres of land within the rural district.

As he makes bottles of the 'stainy' juice, he stops to take a sip, nodding his head in approval.

Having babies is a thing of the past for Brown, but he said that he would happily accept being a father if it should 'accidentally' happen.

"Me nuh really plan to have no more kids enuh, but if dem come, weh me a go do except to take them? Dem juice ya weh me a mix up, a breeda dem, enuh. Me fitter than nuff young bwoy cause dem don't know how to feed dem body right," he told THE STAR.

Emphasising that he doesn't need a lifelong partner, Brown stated that his companion must be several years younger than him and in good health.

"Me feed my body right, so me full a stamina. Mi nuh really want anyone who full a pain. Life is there to enjoy, so now that me basically done raise children, a my time now," he said.

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