Teacher's car runs over child

June 14, 2018
Okoye Henry photo Members of staff of the Anchovy Primary School console each other after the death of Easton Stapleton Jr, who was run over by a teacher's car at the school on Tuesday afternoon.

Tragedy struck on Tuesday at the Anchovy Primary School in St James when an eight-year-old was mowed down by a car on the school compound.

Reports are that at about 3:50 p.m. Easton Stapleton Jr, a grade two student, was in the parking lot picking up his bag when he was struck by a teacher's car.

In a release from the Education Ministry, Senator Ruel Reid said "Easton's death is a painful and tragic loss to the entire community of Anchovy".

The STAR understands that the teacher lost control of her vehicle before hitting Stapleton.

It was said that the teacher, who was in shock, ran from her car and had to be assisted to the hospital as she was traumatised.

The Ministry said that a trauma team has been sent by to the school to help teachers and student coup with what had occurred.

It is reported that Stapleton who is from Belmont district in the parish, sustained injuries to his face and neck.

being investigated

He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"The death of young Easton is still being investigated at this time to ascertain a full and comprehensive report on what happened on Tuesday," the statement said.

The police is said to be providing counselling for the mother who was said to have fainted multiple times after learning about what happened.

Acting principal of Anchovy Primary Cheryl Grant-Mitchell, said the whole ordeal has been traumatic and painful, not just to the students but also to teachers, who have openly expressed their grief and agony over the death of the young boy.

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