Fishing to take care of his family

June 18, 2018
Taffari Thompson

Growing up in close proximity to the Rocky Point fishing village in St. Thomas, Taffari Thompson said he had no choice but to become a fisherman.

Thompson, 38, who started fishing in 17 years ago, reasoned that there are few employment opportunities in St. Thomas.

"A di environment wi come under so the closest thing fi wi do a fishing, cause at the end of the day, it keep yuh out a trouble," he said.

Selling his catch for $400 per pound to vendors, and $500 per pound to households, Thompson says he is able to take care of his family with the money he makes.

"Nuh wul heap a factory nor nothing like that nuh deh yah," he said. "This a one of the easiest thing fi do so that's why mi affi turn to it and mi affi give thanks for it."

But with thieves wreaking havoc on fishermen in the eastern parish, stealing boats and engines, Thompson fears that his livelihood may destroyed .

However, he said that life as a fisherman can be deadly as he recounted an instance where he could have drown.

"Mi guh all far sea and big boat a trample mi. Mi guh sea and boat all tun ova wid mi. Wi did haffi swim bout 10 mile, we did have a boat near wi and wi did haffi end up swim underneath one reef, tek wi time until wi reach up a di next boat," Thompson said.

But he says, he is never afraid to go fishing.

"From mi guh pon di sea mi nuh really scared. From mi guh pon di sea, a just God mi put in front a mi. Just like how policeman inna di force and all when man a shoot him a go deh same way, suh wi just haffi bend wi mind to wi conditions and do weh wi have fi do fi mek a living," he told THE STAR.

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