Gov't to ban sale of flour in clear plastic bags

June 18, 2018
An employee weighs bulk flour for sale.


The days of rice and flour being sold in clear plastic bags are numbered. The Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) said that it is reviewing the packaging requirements for these food items, and it is likely that it will insist that the commodities "have similar packaging standards like sugar".

The BSJ last year mandated that sugar must not be packaged at the point of sale, but must be sold in sealed, labelled packages.

Julia Bonner Douette, director of the Standards Division at the BSJ, said that proper packaging is essential in order to keep food safe, and ensure accurate environmental conditions until it is consumed.

"A good package should provide a barrier against dirt and other contaminants, thus keeping the product clean. It should protect food against physical and chemical damage, for example, the harmful effects of air, light, insects, and rodents. It should also help the customers to identify the food, instruct them how to use it correctly as well as inform them when it was manufactured and when it expires," she said.

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