Bad road angers Look Out residents

June 26, 2018
A resident of Look Out district, in Hanover, stands on the makeshift bridge leading into his community.

Residents of Look Out, in Hanover, are up in arms over the deplorable state of the main road in their community, and are accusing their political representatives of gross negligence for their failure to address the situation.

"During the heavy rains in January, the main road leading from Hopewell to Look Out has been cut in half and the retaining walls were washed away," a resident told WESTERN STAR. "In order to get to and from our homes, we have to take a much longer route, which is quite a setback to our daily lives."

The roadway is used by hundreds of residents from adjoining communities, who travel to the area to access an underground spring, which is popularly known as the Bamboo River. It is one of the main water sources in that section of Hopewell.

Residents have had to be walking to and from the community as taxi operators have refused to go beyond certain sections of the road.

They had to create a makeshift bridge to get across sections that are difficult to traverse.

When the WESTERN STAR visited the location last weekend, there were signs of construction work taking place on the retaining walls. According to the residents, just over a week ago, a team came to the area and started working on the retaining wall.

But the residents are still not pleased with their political representative, Councillor Devon Brown, saying it has taken him far too long to respond to the bad road.




When Brown was contacted, he said he fully understands the plight of the residents and said he has been working behind the scenes to address the matter.

"I am aware that it has taken a long time to commence the repairs to the road, but it is now being addressed," said Brown." The required funds have now been allocated to do the repairs to the roadway and it should be completed in short order."

Asked to provide a specific timeline, Brown said he could not make any predictions.

However, he said when the work is completed, residents would see a proper drainage system and restored retaining walls.

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