Golden ager needs help with pacemaker

June 29, 2018
Robert McCurdy

In the late 1960s, Robert McCurdy had an unfortunate accident that resulted in him losing his hearing in left ear and partial deafness in the right.

This unfortunate situation, however, did not deter him from seeking employment. He worked as a security guard for several years before retiring.

Now 77, McCurdy is faced with another major health challenge.

"My heart is so bad at this time. If I walk for a couple metres, I have to stop and rest. Because of this, I had to go the doctor, and they said that I am in need of a pacemaker," he said.

He said that his heart complications started in 2012, and he had to make numerous trips to the hospital.

McCurdy said he does not have health insurance. He said that he is hardly able to provide for himself, adding that he relies on his sister and funds he gets through the Programme of Assistance Through Health and Education (PATH). McCurdy said that neighbours in the St Johns community in Spanish Town, St Catherine, have been helping him with food and other things. However, he has not been able to identify a source of funds for the pacemaker.

"I talked to my sister. she said that she doesn't have any money to help me out this time," he said.

Not sure what to do anymore, he is asking for help in buying a pacemaker, which cost about US$4,000 (approximately J$528,000).

"The doctor told me that my heart is not beating the way it should and that I need a pacemaker. He said that if I don't get it, I am not going to live longer," McCurdy said.

Anyone who is able to help McCurdy with a pacemaker is asked to contact him at 876-302-0801 or to donate to his Victoria Mutual Account: 40052500243.

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