Woman killed in fiery crash

June 29, 2018
Passers-by view the wreckage after this vehicle collided with a Knutsford Express bus on the Rio Bueno road in Trelawny yesterday.

A woman was burnt beyond recognition after the vehicle in which she was travelling burst into flames after colliding with a Knutsford Express bus yesterday afternoon.

Senior Superintendent of police, Dahlia Garrick, told the news team that the initial report they received is that the incident occurred on the Rio Bueno main road in Trelawny.

She said that the persons who were travelling in the bus were transported to hospital.

"The incident happened around 4 o' clock. A number of persons have been taken to hospital with injuries and the person that was in the vehicle has been burnt beyond recognition," she said.

Up to press time, there was not much information as to the identity of the victim or how the accident occurred.

The Corporate Communications Unit said that the police are still investigating.

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